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Below you will find details on our process and strict quality assurance standards.

Service Level

Every producer’s requirements are different which is why we offer a wide range of service levels that evolve from your very first can through to processing millions of cans annually.


Full Service Canning

Our flagship mobile canning service perfect for producers canning a few times a year through to twice a week


Fixed Capacity Solutions

When canning is needed most days a week we can place a dedicated line in your facility

Quality Assurance

Our process incorporates an “all-inclusive” packaging solution. Without leaving your site, your product is transformed from tank to a neat pallet of saleable multi-pack canned product within a few hours. Once your proposed can artwork has been signed off and your beverage is can-ready, the rest is up to us. We arrive on site, set up, can your product and present it whatever way you like – from 12pk or 24pk cardboard boxes to 4pk or 6pk holders, the choice is yours! At Craft Canning USA, we understand the responsibility that comes with handling your product. As such, we undertake a number of measures to guarantee an unrivalled level of Quality Assurance.


Precision Testing

We have invested in precision testing equipment for measuring dissolved oxygen levels and seam quality of cans.


Producers are invited to a walk-through of our equipment set-up, sanitisation and wash down procedures.


Comprehensive QC Filing

We keep a detailed log of quality control checks throughout our process, from set-up to clean down. This information is compiled as part of a comprehensive audit trail.


Support Network

We offer an Enhanced Microbiological Testing option to include routine independent laboratory testing for microbial pathogens.

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