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Why can, and why can with us? Read below to find out!

Why Us?


As part of the Bevcraft Group, we package millions of cans each year across our canning lines and canning crews. This has allowed our full time specialist team to build up a wealth of experience which is backed up by internal technical support, regular training and refined operating procedures and protocols.

Economies of Scale

Canning is a process that benefits hugely from volume. Clearly if you were to run out and buy a canning line to use in-house and then only run it once a fortnight, the unit cost of each can would be astronomical. That’s why outsourcing your canning needs for occasional canning runs is more economic. As volumes grow we pass on the benefit to you so that when you move from 10HL to 20HL per run you save money and again and again as volume rises to 30HL, 50HL, 80HL and so on.

Service Quality

Unlike traditional static canning; we come to you to ensure your product is packaged with the minimum handling, minimum wastage and maximum transparency. Of course this alone isn’t enough. We know that to add value for you we also have to ensure we do the job more efficiently, more reliably and more cost effectively than any other alternative. We have worked very hard to ensure our quality control standards are class-leading, our full-time specialist crews have a ‘get the job done’ attitude and our operation runs as smoothly as possible.


Making great beer (or any other beverage!) is not easy. Continuing to consistently produce great products is even harder. Ultimately doing this whilst running all the elements of your business brings lots of challenges and amongst the most frustrating can be packaging. Lines break down. Staff move on. Standards change. These are some of the reasons why canning in-house can be very challenging. From day one we set out to build the most reliable service possible with a fleet of canning lines, a large growing team of specialist canners and to hold millions of cans in stock at all times.


We offer a genuinely commitment free solution. If you want to book a single one off run – that’s absolutely fine. If you want to gradually move up to monthly or weekly runs. That’s fine too. If you then want to have one of our lines placed in your facility to run every day for a year or two whilst you weigh up whether to install a rotary line; well we’ve got a solution for that also! Our solutions are tailored to your needs, not ours.

Technical & logistical capability

The Bevcraft Group has to date invested over a million pounds in it’s development and growth with much of this investment focused on our technical capability. In addition to our canning line fleet we have high-speed labellers, shrink sleevers, precision testing equipment and warehousing capacity across our operations in Ireland.

Why Can?

Product Quality

Light exposure of some beverages such as beer can disrupt their flavour profile, replacing it with an off smell and taste. Even brown glass doesn’t exclude 100% of light. Simply put – cans do.

Beverage stability is also impacted by dissolved oxygen pickup. Canning can deliver very low levels of dissolved oxygen pickup which ensures good shelf-life and flavour outcomes.

Transport and Storage

For many typical palletisation formats, you can fit 50% to 70% more cans in a given space when compared to glass bottles. This has the potential to greatly reduce transport costs, opening up a range of distribution opportunities both at home and abroad.

Environmental Impact

Cans require less fuel to transport when compared to bottles, and therefore leave a smaller carbon footprint. Significantly less CO2 is generated in distribution of cans relative to both glass and plastic bottles.

Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable. The average aluminium can is made from majority recycled material. It requires 96% less energy to produce a new can than one from virgin material. The comparable energy saving for glass bottles is significantly less. This means that the energy required to produce the typical can is substantially less than the typical glass bottle.

Versatility & Convenience

From a consumers perspective, the versatility of the aluminium can is unrivalled. They are lighter and can be carried with minimal risk of breakage. Cans can be cooled at a much faster rate than bottles and a consumer or retailer can fit far more cans in their fridge than the bottled equivalent!

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